BarleyGreen Whiteboard

  • Able to prevent 4 major diseases;

    • High blood pressure​

    • Diabetes 

    • Aging

    • Heart disease

  • All natural green wholefood

  • Detoxifying, balancing and nourishing.

  • Balancing metabolism 

  • Balancing out the acidity of the body

  • Optimum nutrients


BarleyGreen's Benefits

  • Contains 300 types of living enzymes  

  • 16 types of vitamins 

  • 17 types of minerals 

  • 18 types of amino acids 

  • Slows down the sign of aging 

  • Act as guard against illness

BarleyGreen VS Wheat Grass

  • Packed with natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

  • 10 times more calcium, 30 times more vitamin C, 6 times more B-Carotene and 17 times more potassium than spinach.

  • Contains anti-viral activities 

  • Neutralizes heavy metals such as mercury in the blood 

  • Slowing down the aging process


BarleyGreen VS Brand X

  • When BarleyGreen and Brand X being mixed with hot water, Brand X can be seen fully dissolve in the hot water as the enzymes are already dead while BarleyGreen can be seen float on top hot water and does not dissolve easily compared to Brand X as the enzymes of BarleyGreen is alive.


BarleyGreen VS Clorox 

  • Based on the video, it can be seen that when Clorox was poured into BarleyGreen drink, the toxins are propelled to the top surface of the drink. The bubbles that was formed on the surface of the drink represent the detoxifying process.


BarleyGreen pH Test

  • Three products are being used and tested out which are Cola, coffee and BarleyGreen. Among this three products, BarleyGreen is the only product that shows a pH level between 7 and 8 which is the only Alkaline drinks.


BarleyGreen Neutralized Pesticides 

  • In this test, pesticides were directly added to the essence of barley leaves. Three hours later, according to the pesticide residues on the chart, 80% of the pesticides has been decomposed.

BarleyGreen The Origin 

  • In the early years of Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, he was plague with illnesses attributed to malnutrition which motivate him to be a pharmacist. Although his research led to many world famous drug formulations, he learned the shortcomings of drug therapy and fall ill from the exposure to mercury. Later on, he began research for a natural organic nutritional source which include enzymatic action to counteract diseases.

  • He conducted research using green plants for more than 25 years and has studied the nutritional value of over 400 varieties of green plants. He has also developed and patented a special growing and processing method that captures and retains all the naturally-occurring minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and chlorophyll.


BarleyGreen Processing Method 

  • After Barley grass is being collected, it will be clean repeatedly through a special cleaning process which not only to maintain the hygiene of the Barley grass, but also to maintain its nutrients. It is processed with a low temperature spray from which it becomes fine powder. This fine powder of body cream is put through a highly supervised and packaging.





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